Thesis about junk foods

The Heart Problems Your body needs some fat for health, but junk food provides primarily fats that harm your health. The consumption of eating junk food is increasing day by day and making us diseased. It can be consumed once in a while like on any occasion. This eating pattern is likely to cause aggravated energy levels that fail to come down even at sleep time in the night and result in sleeping disorders.

People, of all age groups are moving towards junk food as it is hassle free and often ready to grab and eat. The average American diet is deficient in fiber, omega-3 fats, magnesium, and calcium, writes Dr. Processed, packaged foods are often high in salt, or sodium.

For example, a g serving of plain baked potato provides 93 calories compared to calories in g of restaurant french fries.

Junk Food Effects: Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph

These man-made, processed fats are common in commercial baked goods. Do you agree or disagree?

In order to enjoy good health and a happy life, it is important Thesis about junk foods cut down on junk foods. Soft drinks, chips, wafers, noodles, pizza, burgers, French fries etc. Also the ease of manufacturing and consumption makes the junk food market spread its influence so rapidly.

So, there is a need to maintain the healthy diet and healthy habits throughout the life. The fast food industry has negative effects on our health, the environment and family eating habits.

In insulin resistance, some cells no longer respond to insulin, which leads to high blood sugar, increasing the risk of diabetes.

The junk food is the food that contains higher calories than the sugar or fat. No junk food provides of them anyone any nutritious value. It contains less vitamin, protein, and minerals.

A junk food fanatic has to suffer the ill-effects of eating it in high quantities. Not only heart, but liver can be damaged due to excessive cholesterol formed in the body due to junk food habits.

Most of them are high in saturated fats and sugar components and also excess of salts and lack any fiber. It always looks attractive and yummy for the people of every age group.

As the fast foods are so high in calories, frequenting fast food restaurants increases your risk of unhealthy weight gain. So the next time you think of grabbing that burger, hotdog, pizza, samosa, kachoris or even ice creams in a restaurant, eating joint or a party, stop your instincts and look for some healthier food options instead.

The Weight Gain Natural whole foods like vegetables, whole grain products contain fewer calories by volume than junk foods. But what they look from outside never become from inside. Junk foods have no or very less nutritional value and irrespective of the way they are marketed, they are not healthy to consume.

People of all age groups like to eat junk food and they choose to eat it whenever they enjoy special time with family like a birthday party, marriage anniversary, etc.

They easily become used to of taking soft drinks, wafers, chips, noodles, burgers, pizza, french fries, Chinese dishes, fried foods, candy, baked goods, ice creams, cookies and other varieties of fast food available in the market.8.

More people are diabetic early in life because they eat junk food more often. 9. No fiber in junk food means strain on stomach and digestive system resulting in problem of constipation.

All the points discussed about junk food above lead us to conclude that junk food does all harm to your heath without providing any health benefits. In order to. Junk food is an informal term for food that is of little nutritional value.

Junk foods typically contain high levels of calories from sugar or fat with less protein, vitamins or minerals. Common junk foods include salted snack foods, gum, candy, sweet desserts, fried fast. The removal of junk foods from school canteens could improve the children’s behaviour. As a conclusion, the sale of junk foods in school canteens should be phased out progressively because junk foods bring more harm than good to children.

Thesis Statement. argumentative. compare and contrast. log in × scroll to top. Junk Food Essay Examples. 11 total results. The Effects of Eating Too Much Fast Food on a Person's Health. words. 2 pages.

Short Essay on “Junk Foods”

The Fault of the Parents in the Rise of Childhood Obesity and an Argument against Banning Junk Food in Schools. discuss different types of junk food and the harm of the junk food.

Thesis statement: the definition of junk food. How many different types of junk food? What is the harm for junk food.

Content Pro: (Explore Issues or State Position) Examples and stories: 1. Less likely to be overweight. The term junk food suggests the harmful nature of these food items to the wellbeing of an individual.

Based on the high caloric nature of junk food, dieticians consider junk food as trash to health. These foods have little nutritional value.

Other components of junk food include sugar, cholesterol and salt component.

Thesis about junk foods
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