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The traditional education system of India was quite different from the contemporary one. Teaching methods and system of examination continued to be obsolete.

The Government and the community in general will find funds for programmes: The system will be based on a national curricular framework which contains a common core along with other components that are flexible. The new policy has been The education system essay on the grounds that i The new thrust in the field of universalisation of education is non-formal education.

Shishu Mandirs also have religion and tradition as parts of curriculum. Seen in this light, the purpose of education is not just to help students acquire degree and obtain jobs. As is well known, Lord Macaulay was an ardent champion of the British Raj.

The new thrust in elementary education emphasizes two aspects; 1 universal enrolment and universal retention of children up to 14 years of age; and 2 a substantial improvement in the quality of education.

Inadequate teachers can limit a child in that particular subject, and hurt him in the future. In higher education, technical education in particular, steps will be taken to facilitate inter regional mobility by providing equal access to every Indian of requisite merit, regardless of his origins.

However, students remembered the beginning of the presentation the greatest. Education should be imparted through the Mother tongue and through English language as well. However, its formal sanction is not necessary to open a university. Thousands of nursery schools that have mushroomed since the last decade purport to impart education to infants through English.

However, very few schools live been able to offer this terminal education. Courses and programmes will be redesigned and the present affiliation system will be replaced by a freer and more creative association of universities and colleges.

The result was that our educational institutions and universities, Instead of being citadels of learning and enlightenment, became dens of unrest and frustration.

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No doubt, this has resulted in serious problems such as inadequacy of financial resources and infrastructure and dilution of personal attention to the education and character-formation of the students. We have less teachers and professors that our needs.

Constant review of the syllabus and methods of teaching in the light of the innovations and methods adopted in advanced countries has certainly resulted in improved standards. In fact correspondence education has opened new vistas for the educational system which could not successfully meet the challenging problem of providing infrastructure for multitudes of new entrants into the portals of higher education.

Getting a good high school education also improves our chances of being able to go to college. Hire Writer Long lectures are a nightmare for any student.

Short Essay on Education Article shared by: Syllabi continued to be theoretical in nature, and irrelevant to the socio-cultural and economic contexts. Good communication skills and ability to work both with a team and independently are often a basic requirement for any job, and these are developed in the education system through group and individual projects.The Flaws of Today's Education System.

January 4, By Miranda Ross BRONZE, Tacoma, Washington. More by this author Follow Miranda Ross. In his essay "Education", Ralph Waldo Emerson. Essay on Indian Education System: Primary, Secondary, Higher Secondary, Work-Oriented, and Correspondence Education Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles By Vivek Murarka Since we achieved independence inour national leaders attached importance to education.

Short Essay on The Educational System in India Article shared by Education is an important activity in society, it gives an opportunity to man to understand the world around him and his place in it In ancient times man was completely at the mercy of nature which was a complete mystery to him.

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Short Essay on The Educational System in India

Especially, population explosion has put a heavy pressure on its available. 20 Education Topics for Essays.

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By Lauren Bradshaw. July 29, Essay Topics and Ideas.

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of 20% of college graduates come from parents who didn’t finish high school proves that the fault lies in the US education system. In conclusion, this gap truly exists and can only be closed if policies are made to equalize education achievement of.

The education system essay
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