The advantage of going to a community college after high school

Latest Technologies Community colleges work closely with local business and industry and are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, classrooms, and facilities.

Attending community school gives students the opportunity to earn college credit while taking the time to select the 4-year institution that is right for them. Community schools are just as flexible for the students as for the professors.

The focus on community colleges by the Obama Administration has resulted in additional funding and industry-focused training that increases employment opportunities once the degree is earned.

Many students are discovering they can save thousands of dollars by enrolling in a community college for the first two years before transferring to a university. Uninvolved Students This is probably the biggest deterrent for the junior college: If you are interested in pursuing a career in a cutting-edge field, you will find the opportunities and tools at a community college.

Students who begin their academic careers at a community college and then transfer to a university are more successful than those who begin at a university. Know that when the time comes to build a resume and build a cover letterLiveCareer has you covered.

These students may find the smaller campus and classes of a community college are more comfortable right after the high school years. Although community colleges may ask for SAT or ACT scores as a part of the admission process, these tests do not typically keep students out of the school like they might with many four-year institutions.

Visit his personal Website or reach him by email at randall at quintcareers. Get a Job Nothing helps more with that transition to adulthood than holding down a full-time job. Support services for students with disabilities may include adapted software or assistive equipment for people with mobility, vision, learning, or hearing disabilities.

Community colleges typically offer more personalized attention, from the counselors in the admissions office to the professors in the classroom. Post-Degree Options After community college, graduates have a number of post-degree options to pursue.

While many people feel that college has many advantages and is the obvious choice after graduation, there are some disadvantages to attending as well.

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If you have some money, you can find innovative and cheap ways to explore the world. Save Money - Live at Home Living on campus in either a dormitory or an apartment can be costly.

And as you advance in these careers, there is also nothing stopping you from pursing a college degree at a later age — when it better suits you. While you may be familiar with the Peace Corps, they actually prefer college graduates, so you might instead consider looking locally to make a difference, or consider such national programs as Americorpswhich offers year-olds the chance to make a difference through a national network of hundreds of programs throughout the U.

In fact, when I attended junior college I ran into one of the professors from the private university I had previously attended, and she was teaching a night class—case in point!

Continue With Classmates Not all of your classmates will go to college right after high school, but many will. With more affordable prices overall, community college students often find they can foot the bill for their education without having to take on a significant amount of debt prior to graduation.

Unfortunately, many of these students felt displaced and found that their expectations were not met by the university they attended. A community college student reporting in Studenomics stated that some of his classes had 30 students or less, and as many as 75 percent of his professors knew him by name.

Affordability Although tuition is getting more expensive across the board, community colleges are still significantly more affordable than most four-year institutions.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Going to College

No matter what you future aspirations might be, community college may be the logical next step on the path to your career or education plans.Advantages & Disadvantages of Going to College You have just graduated high school, or are just about to, and are debating whether or not college is right for you.

While many people feel that college has many advantages and is the obvious choice after graduation, there are some disadvantages to attending as well. Only a few generations ago, high-school graduates rarely went on to college, yet somehow through the years, college has almost become a rite of passage for teens to pass into adulthood and a good career.

Community college is not what it used to be—in fact, there are major incentives to attending a local junior college. Not to mention the obvious financial advantage, junior college is a place where you can knock out your general courses and explore your other interests on a schedule that works for you.

4 Reasons for High School Graduates to Turn to Community College institution to consider community college as a viable option after high school. to take advantage of the financial benefits. By the time you’ve finished high school, you’ve been a student for over 12 years. Perhaps you’ve worked an after-school job or maybe a full-time job in the summers, but you likely haven’t experienced enough of the real world to understand what you want to.

Advantages of Attending a Community College Save Money - On Tuition The cost to attend a university has been rising steadily, and the vast majority of universities charge thousands of dollars per semester - leaving students with a .

The advantage of going to a community college after high school
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