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Discusses the possibility of a homosexual relationship between Tartuffe and Orgon; also discusses why Dorine can speak so freely to her master.

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Tartuffe - Essay

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Here, as in his other high comedies, Moliere develops the featured characters such as Orgon well beyond stereotype, observing also the classic rules of Tartuffe essay topics and development established for French tragedy by Pierre Corneille.

Orgon, meanwhile, staunchly defends his guest as a man of rare piety and probity, a truly religious individual from whom the others could learn much if only they would follow his example.

Earlier arosa go no further. In his anger, he inappropriately asserts that religion has been the cause of all the calamity that he and his family have undergone.

Moliere narrates a story of an attempt by a hypocrite, Tartuffe, to shatter the domestic happiness of Orgon who, he has immensely charmed through his seeming piety to accept him as a house guest.

Although the play was originally condemned as an outright attack on religion and devout people, a proper reading suggests just the opposite.

Includes descriptions and analyses of fourteen plays and a usefully detailed chronology of his life. Moliere garnered support from the King and the play continued to be performed privately.

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A play written by Moliere, Tartuffe premiered in written in French. The comedy was performed at the Orgon’s house in Paris by great classical roles such as Valere, Tartuffe and Elmire.

The Book of Genesis and Tartuffe, by Jean-Baptiste Moliere - The book of Genesis most people think of it as the story of how the world was created, but a lot of people do not think of as a story of justice, loyalty, and family.

The Flawed Characters of Moliere's Tartuffe Essay - The Flawed Characters of Tartuffe To be perfect is to be inhuman. Human nature is complete with many flaws and imperfections, one of which is represented in the play "Tartuffe", by Moliere. Despite his central role, Tartuffe is not the play’s principal character.

That dubious distinction belongs to Orgon, the wealthy bourgeois who has befriended Tartuffe and is almost willingly.

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1. What do Moliere's religious views seem to be, based on the play? Overall, Moliere seems to preach a type of personal Christianity that eschews outward shows of piety meant to impress others and earn wealth or power.

The Roman Catholic clerics of Moliere's day might have thought the playwright was an. Jul 23,  · Words: Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: Tartuffe, Swift and Voltaire In his own way, Moliere's Tartuffe represents one aspect of the Enlightenment, if only a negative one, since he is a purely self-interested individual who cares only about advancing his own wealth and status.

Tartuffe essay topics
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