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There are offenders like pedophiles who are truly remorseful, but cannot help themselves and will re-offend. We do allow certain people of faith to exercise what they view to be their religious duty - to object to assisted suicide and euthanasia - without allowing Robert lartimer case essay to set public policy on the matter.

This is a risk for which a law should not have to take blame for, and changing this law would only encourage that.

Essay/Term paper: Euthanasia and the robert latimer case

It is too delicate a topic to be "in the middle" about. I feel that when a person clearly states that they wish to be killed peacefully with the help of a professional is an enormously different matter from a case like Robert Latimer"s, in which Latimer took it upon himself to make the judgment call on his Robert lartimer case essay Tracy"s life, and decided himself, that she wished to die.

That was enough mercy for this man.

Robert latimer case essay

So what good is there in putting Latimer away for ten years? In speaking with my parents about this issue, the term "doctor assisted suicide" was mentioned several times.

If an injustice is committed through application of our laws, it is our injustice. What was going through your mind? No is the most likely answer to the question, as Latimer clearly stated "I still feel what I did was right".

Does the killer really want to put the victim out of their misery? A killer with a good defence would attempt to prove that they killed a disabled person to put them out of their misery, when indeed they may have had completely different, perhaps personal reasons to murder the individual.

The surrounding "treacherous" waters had once been touted, like the waters around Alcatraz, as being impossible to swim through, but apparently Federal authorities eventually thought otherwise when they reclassified the prison. Euthanasia is undoubtedly an issue that plagues the minds of those living with children or adults who are severely disabled.

Possibly, euthanasia should be considered cold-blooded first-degree style murder, with a full life sentence without parole. He killed his daughter, his critics say; he is a murderer and deserves no sympathy.

In a free society the views of such people must be accepted, insofar as their own lives are concerned. I understand how you can see it that way I still feel it was the best thing to do.

These reasons were demolished in an excellent brief prepared by Vancouver lawyer Jason Gratl, and the decision of the Parole Board was overturned on appeal. In speaking with my parents about this issue, the term "doctor assisted suicide" was mentioned several times.

There was one point I was specifically concerned about: Secular public policy is necessary to protect the rights of people of all faiths, as well as those of no faith. The tears were not just for Latimer himself, but also for the fact that justice, for once in this case, finally prevailed.

This is where the justice of subjective opinions comes into play.

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For the rest of his life he will be subject to serious travel restrictions and will have to regularly report to a parole officer, always with the possibility of being sent back to prison. It might be argued that if juries consist of lay people, then why not parole boards, but the circumstances are entirely different.

There was somebody covering up responsibility for taking a Robert lartimer case essay But even if they could refuse these new operations, which they saw as ghastly further mutilation of their severely compromised and helpless daughter, Tracy appeared to be facing her remaining life she had already lived longer than most children in her condition in abject, uncomprehending misery.

According to this view all such things are equally bad. Latimer then told his story and the legal proceedings started. Thus, it would seem either extremely difficult for a jury to make a reasonable call on whether or not Latimer should have been guilty. Euthanasia term papers paper on Latimer: For such people the taking of any human life is reprehensible - the mercy killing of a person in desperate hopeless, intractable pain is just as bad as, say, serial murder.

Nobody has the right to take the life of another person, and technically, the law states that nobody has the right to take their own life as well.

Years of legal proceedings had taken place looking at questions like this, with careful arguments presented on both sides, and now Speck was going to put Latimer on trial again, in a circumstance where he was uncomfortable, unprepared and unrepresented. Speck went on at some considerable length to grill Latimer about these and other early escapades in his study: Robert Latimer introduction & the book The book Robert Latimer, A Story of Justice and Mercy, by Gary Bauslaugh, was published in October of by James Lorimer and Co, Toronto.

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Rarely is one found to have a "neutral" outlook upon it; that is, a side must be chosen, for or against. It is too delicate a topic to be "in the middle" about.

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JR'S Free Thought Pages No Gods ~ No Masters The Case of Robert Latimer: Punishing Acts of Mercy.

Essay: against Euthanasia & Robert Latimer case

By Gary Bauslaugh. Humanist Perspectives, Spring We can often get away with evil acts, but a good one will haunt us forever. - Gilbert Ryle. The Law is an ass when it inadvertently causes an injustice.

Robert lartimer case essay
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