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Zimbabwean citizens are issued with a plastic card which contains a photograph and their particulars onto it. Companies and government departments may issue ID cards for security purposes or proof of a qualification.

None of the countries listed above mandate possession of identity documents, but they have de facto equivalents since these countries still require proof of identity in many situations.

A National Identity Card is needed to apply for a passport for all adults, and all minors must take with them the National Identity Card of a parent s when applying for a passport.

Every human being already carries their own personal identification in the form of DNAwhich is extremely hard to falsify or to discard in terms of modification.

The proposed British ID card see next section proposes a series of linked databases managed by private sector firms. In Julya new biometric Identity card was introduced. InThe government has introduced a new bill to the parliament to issue new biometric ID documents.

Those working on UK railway lands near working lines must carry a photographic ID card to indicate training in track safety PTS and other cards possession of which is dependent on periodic and random alcohol and drug screening. Opening or closing a bank account Registering at a school or university registering the number of a mobile or landline telephone Interacting with most government agencies, including: Tunisia[ edit ] Every citizen of Tunisia is expected to apply for an ID card by the age of 18; however, with the approval of a parent sa Tunisian citizen may apply for, and receive, an ID card prior to their eighteenth birthday upon parental request.

The South African identity document is not valid as a travel document or valid for use outside South Africa. The cards were launched on 18 July when a number of dignitaries received the first cards at a ceremony in Pretoria.

In Queensland and Western Australiaanyone working with children has to take a background check and get issued a Blue Card or Working with Children Card, respectively.

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In many countries - and especially English-speaking countries such as AustraliaCanadaIrelandNew Zealandthe United Kingdom and the United States - there are no government-issued compulsory identity cards to all citizens.

This forced the government to start issuing national cards. The management of disparate linked systems across a range of institutions and any number of personnel is alleged to be a security disaster in the making.

In some countries see belowit is compulsory to have an identity card when a person reaches a prescribed age. Both Australia and Great Britain, for example, introduced the requirement for a photographic passport in after the so-called Lody spy scandal. Africa[ edit ] Republic of Liberia[ edit ] Liberia has begun the issuance process of its national biometric identification card, which citizens and foreign residents will use to open bank accounts, and participate in other Govt.

Arguments against overuse or abuse of identity documents: Although carrying the document is not required in daily life, it is necessary to show the document or a certified copy as proof of identity when:Later the essay will focus on the drawbacks of implementing national identity cards to the British public including costs, potential hackers and the human privacy rights.

One of the main reasons why identity cards should be implemented is because of the recent terrorism threats (Heffer, ). National Identity Cards Essay Words | 3 Pages.

NATIONAL ID CARD EXECUTIVE SUMMARY After the September 11th attacks, the issue of making national ID card in the United States, Canada and other countries has restarted.

A National ID Card Wouldn't Make Us Safer. Bruce Schneier; Minneapolis Star Tribune; April 1, ; This essay also appeared, in a slightly different form, in The Mercury News. As a security technologist, I regularly encounter people who say the United States should adopt a national ID card.

National ID cards pulls the U.S. more in a totalitarian system with the cards being our passport around. It stops people from moving freely without asking leave of anyone, and living free without government interference.

Free Essay: NATIONAL ID CARD EXECUTIVE SUMMARY After the September 11th attacks, the issue of making national ID card in the United States, Canada and other.

Preserving a Country's National Identity - One of the main issues that has become a major concern in many countries all over the globe is the issue of national identity.

National identity cards essay
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