Moral courage essay about jackie robinson

I want you to hit that ball. What Rickey really wanted to find was a talented, college-educated ballplayer who would be able to contradict the popular myth of black ignorance. There seem to be too few occasions when our leaders take positions that may be unpopular in some quarters but still the right thing to do.

At UCLA, he became the first and only player ever to letter in four different sports and won All-American honors as a football player. But through it all, Robinson persevered. Race and Politics from Boston to Brooklyn.

Cranky historians like to bicker about the details of the incident, but Robinson wrote, without qualification, that "at the very beginning" of his major league career, Pee Wee Reese, Kentucky native and starting shortstop for the Brooklyn Dodgers, did "a simple and significant thing" during a game in Boston.

Be the most conspicuous player on the field. Jackie Robinson also led his team to the National League pennant in, and But lucky for the fool, whose name is nowhere in the annals off history, some of the nonviolent NAACP youths quickly surrounded him and hustled him out of the building just before Robinson had a chance to launch his attack.

He had taught himself to be cynical toward all baseball-club owners, especially white one, in order to prevent any personal disillusionment. The power of film to demonstrate acts of great personal courage and character gives the American people incredible stories and role models to emulate.

I think I can play ball in Brooklyn…. Of all the major league cities, Brooklyn, with its ethnically diverse and racially mixed neighborhoods, was just the place to break the color barrier. The National League will go down the line with Robinson whatever the consequence.

The couple settled for a property just across the state line in New York. This warm affinity was fostered, in part, by their cramped but colorful ballpark, Ebbets Field, located in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn.

Born on January 31,in Cairo, Georgia, Jackie was the grandson of a slave and the fifth child of a sharecropper who deserted his family.

Not only was my anger rising, but I found that I was rising with every intention of letting this unexpected visitor have a good swift jab in the head.

It was this way everywhere we went. It was not the first time a swastika appeared in the story of Jackie Robinson.

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Army and was promoted to second lieutenant but never saw combat. Two years later, inwhen Robinson actually broke the color barrier, winning Rookie of the Year honors with the Dodgers, he raised the hopes and expectations of millions of black Americans who believed that deeply rooted patterns of discrimination could be changed.

Yet it is the one essential vital quality for those who seek to change a world that yields most painfully to change. He had left Pearl Harbor, bound for the U.

This was purely the market at work, they would say, not racism. Little did he realize that Rickey shared his dream. Steal their pants off. Robinson had no illusions about the purpose of his meeting with the Dodgers. Racist attitudes were reinforced by the significant numbers of white Southerners who played in the majors, as well as by the extensive minor league system that existed in the South.

Years later Robinson admitted that the incessant abuse during those games with the Phillies almost led him to the breaking point.

Jackie Robinson

And the jeering did not let up throughout the entire three-game series. The afternoon was cold and rainy, and Robinson went hitless.

Greeting Robinson with a vigorous handshake, Rickey wasted no time in revealing his true intentions. But the movie is also the story of how Branch Rickey signed him with the Dodgers and mentored and encouraged him in the process.

But the case against him was weak—the Army had recently issued orders against such segregation—and a good lawyer won his acquittal. No owners, no umpires, virtually no newspapermen. Opposing pitchers threw at his head and ribs, while infielders would spit in his face if he was involved in a close play on the base paths.

Dodger fans had long detected something special in their baseball team and their borough; Robinson deepened that sense. While he was playing there, a scout by the name of Clyde Sukeforth was very impressed.The Brooklyn Cyclones, the Single-A affiliate of the New York Mets, will soon rededicate the Jackie Robinson/Pee Wee Reese statue recently defaced outsid.

Leadership Politics Jackie Robinson Congress Courage Jackie Robinson, Branch Rickey, and the Courage of their Convictions First-person essays, features, interviews and Q&As about life today. Facts, information and articles about Jackie Robinson, first African-American to play MLB in Black History Jackie Robinson Facts Born January 31,Cairo, Georgia.

Died October 24,Stamford, Connecticut Accomplishments First African-American to play Major League Baseball in the 20th century Years Played April 15, to October 10, Team Brooklyn Dodgers Jackie.

A Test of Courage: Jackie Robinson's Rookie Year When Jackie Robinson stepped onto Ebbets Field on April 15,it was the beginning of a year that would test his courage, and the mettle of a. Jackie Robinson showed great moral courage by breaking the color barrier in the MLB by being the first black person to ever play.

The death of his brother Mack really motivated Jack to follow up his talents in baseball and other sports. Jackie Robinson: Biography & Accomplishments Jack Roosevelt Robinson was born in Cairo, Georgia on January 31, When he was just a year old, Jackie moved to Pasadena, California in

Moral courage essay about jackie robinson
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