Different types of spa treatments

Botox, medical peels, laser, dermal fillers and microdermabrasion. This innovation increased the medicinal benefits obtained and gradually physical activity became part of the European bathing regimen.

The "Spa" word was originated from Latin word "Spargere" means sprinkle or moisten. Many of these spas offered individual tub baths, vapor baths, douche sprays, needle showers, and pool bathing to their guests.

The spas became stages on which Europeans paraded with great pageantry. David Beecher in recommended that the patients come to the fountainhead for the water and that each patient should first do some prescribed exercises.

Massage therapy provided in Spa are mostly for relaxation and also for musculoskeletal pain. The Roman bath, for instance, included a far more complex ritual than a simple immersion or sweating procedure. Europeans gradually obtained many of the hot and cold springs from the various Different types of spa treatments tribes.

Thus began the health resort industry in the United States. A Swedish massage is the commonest form of massage. Steam sauna is recommended for relaxation, weight loss, rejuvenate and breathing problems. Individual would submerged their body up to neck in sitting position or lie on their back in a warm water filled tub.

It is also found in exotic locations worldwide. He built an enclosed well at what became known as Harrogatethe first resort in England for drinking medicinal waters, then in Dr Timothy Bright after discovering a second well called the resort The English Spaw, beginning the use of the word Spa as a generic description.

Usually located at a very peaceful place, it provides you with expert advice from health practitioners. During this period, individual springs became associated with the specific ailment that they could allegedly benefit.

Around these springs, a famous health resort eventually grew and the term "spa" came to refer to any health resort located near natural springs.

15 Totally Bizarre Spa Treatments Around the World

Overall, this period represented a time of decline for public bathing. Once this occurred, the bathers proceeded to the main bathhouse where they paid for their baths and stored their valuables before being assigned a booth for undressing. Hot tub therapy was introduced during Roman Empire and Egyptian Civilization as a hot tub bath or hot tub spa treatment.

Spa Therapy and Its Types

Massages Massages are the most widespread form of spa treatments, with a large number of variations. This spa is situated aboard a luxury cruise liner and offers the same facilities as the regular spas including; spa float, thalassotherapy, mud wraps, seaweed, thermal treatments and hydrotherapy.


Some medical critics, however, charged that the thermal waters in such renowned resorts as Hot Springs, Virginia, and Saratoga Springs, New York, were no more beneficial to health than ordinary heated water.

In Great Britain, ancient legend credited early Celtic kings with the discovery of the hot springs in Bath, England. Today, the extent Different types of spa treatments the Roman bath is revealed at ruins and in archaeological excavations in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. The architects for the new complex spent two years studying the technical aspects of bathing in Europe.

The massage on the other hand, improves blood circulation, clears away clogged filthy pores and rehydrates the skin. Vichy showers are sometimes used at the end of a body polish or a body wrap, but they can be experienced alone as well.

Although they provide very good treatment and service, they are not a "spa" in the true sense of the word, as a true spa is the one which gives longer lasting health benefits using natural resources. Thermal or Mineral Spa: It mainly offers spa services, along with fitness classes and typical spa cuisine and is perfect for business travelers and families.

This treatment lasted several days until skin pustules formed and broke resulting in the draining of "poisons" considered to be the source of the disease. Aestheticians apply hot wax to the skin and then press a cloth strip into the wax. Physicians encouraged health resort patrons to bathe in and drink the waters with equal vigor.

Chocolate also contains vitamins such as iron, potassium and magnesium. Hair Removal Waxing is the most popular and traditional hair-removal technique that spas offer. Also ina house in Cincinnati, Ohioreceived the first indoor bathtub in the United States. The various spa owners countered these arguments by developing better hydrotherapy for their patients.

Today, ritual purification through water can be found in the religious ceremonies of JewsMuslimsChristiansBuddhistsand Hindus. Others help with anti-aging, such as applying collagen to the skin to help it tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles. The Greeks began bathing regimens that formed the foundation for modern spa procedures.

Breathing difficulties caused by mucosal dryness of pharynx, larynx, and bronchi do respond to humidified air breathed at steam sauna.Different Types Of Spa Treatments Destination Spa Destination spa is designed in a manner to rejuvenate you at all levels, providing you with mind and body fitness, along with making you indulge in healthy eating and ensure complete relaxation.

different kinds of spa treatments By The Beauty Hub | October 3rd, | Beauty Articles,News Most people typically think of facials and laying down on a massage table when they think about spa treatments, however the reality is there is much more to it.

Different Types of Spa Treatments By Keri Honea Most people think of massages and facials when they think of spas and spa treatments, but spas have a much wider variety of services that one might think.

Spa treatments are presented in a spa menu that is basically a list of everything a spa offers. They are usually grouped together by the type of spa treatment, and most spas list the services by name.

There are many types of Spa and spa is not only about facials. Learn how you can put spa into use for the benefit of your different parts of the body, like nail, hair, face, body massage and more.

Jun 28,  · This article explains about all the types of spa therapy, spa treatment including water therapy, wrapping and herb therapy, massage therapy, facial therapy, nail - manicures, pedicures, nutrition and weight guidance, yoga, waxing.

Spa Therapy and Its Types. Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, MD, Different pressure is applied over Occupation: MD,FFARCSI.

Different types of spa treatments
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