Chinese pollution photo essay

Pollution in China

Environmental problems are a source of rising social discontent in China. Aboutkg of fish died in three days due to water pollution, local media reported.

In the Yellow Sea coastline, countless sewage pipes buried in the beach and even extending into the deep sea. April 22, 8. Y22, 2,km from the river source Y25, 2,km from the river source.

Less than 1, meters away downstream is where the water department of Danyang City gets its water from. However they did not, the sewage pipe was extended meters under the Yangtze River and releasing the sewage there. Breathing in large amount of dust into the lungs, people gets sick after working there for years.

Mapping China's frontline: the Yangtze at 100km intervals - a photo essay

In Beijing, the concentration of fine particulate matter reached 40 times the exposure limit recommended by the WHO. Anotherdied because of indoor air of poor quality. June 18, A draft of a combined World Bank and SEPA report stated that up topeople died prematurely each year in China because of air and water pollution.

The youngest is less than 2 years old. Indoor pollution contributed to the deaths of an additionalpeople, while 60, died from diarrhoeabladder and stomach cancer and other diseases that can be caused by water-borne pollution.

The study reveals that air pollution has caused over 4. However, there are drivers behind current rises in the use of low-cost sensors for air pollution management in cities.

China has more than cancer villages, according to a map widely circulated on the Internet. The report stated that "hundreds of thousands of premature deaths and incidents of serious respiratory illness have been caused by exposure to industrial air pollution.

This description was later changed to "beyond index", [38] a level which recurred in February, October, and December In Shanxi Province there are a lot of charitable nursing homes, to help disabled infants abandoned by their parents.

The map caught public attention after the Ministry of Environmental Protection admitted the existence of such villages and said pollution was to blame for high cancer rates among their residents. According to an investigation inthe entire country has billion cubic meters of the total water consumption.

The pollution has spread internationally: A study from shows fine particles in the air, which cause respiratory and cardiovascular diseases are one of the key pollutants that are accounted for a large fraction of damage on the health of Chinese citizens.

China has thus been able to reduce the death rate by 2 percent. He was a factory worker, later started his own photo studio and advertising agency. Before and during the Summer OlympicsBeijing was "frantically searching for a magic formula, a meteorological deus ex machina, to clear its skies for the Olympics.

The adoption by power plants of flue-gas desulfurization technology was likely the main reason for reduced SO2 emissions. Y7 km from the river source, Y8 - km. Shanxi Province is the most polluted areas of China.Mapping China's frontline: the Yangtze at km intervals - a photo essay Tue 26 Jun EDT Last modified on Wed 27 Jun EDT Share on Facebook.

China's Toxic Water. Greenpeace reached out to World Press Photo award The area where he lives has been severely affected by water pollution. In Februarythe Chinese government. A compilation of the 10 most interesting photo essays published online in January, as curated by Mikko Takkunen.

Report: China and India Have World's Deadliest Air Pollution

LightBox. Search. Search. Sign In. The 10 Best Photo Essays of the Month. Amazing Pictures, Pollution in China Key | October 21st, This is the award wining photo documentary, all text was translated from the original documentary in Chinese.

Have you been to these places in the pictures, you know some of them are pretty close to Shanghai, maybe just couple hours away into the inland country side of China. Aug 23,  · Pollution China Photo Essay.

PHOTO ESSAY: Coal Complex Shows Costs of China s Energy Demands Wilson Center nbsp; The black, blasted landscape of Wuhai City sometimes looks more like the moon than Inner Mongolia.

One of the cities most affected by China's rapid industrialization and pollution is Wuhai city in Inner Mongolia.

Photos: Strange and Mysterious Happenings in China

Located on the Yellow River, Wuhai is .

Chinese pollution photo essay
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