Business of maxis berhard management essay

Customers do not need to register. Maxis could also work in partnership with Credit Card Issuers to market its products by offering free hand phones for customers who would subscribe its products for a fixed period of time. In return the dealers could be paid commissions based on sales volume which is in line with the Business of maxis berhard management essay practice.

Instant access to past meeting papers. The product could be advertised on national and private TV stations. However, this could change if MCMC decides to impose new policies, i. This means that a concern with a strong stance in corporate duty will pull top endowment and repute.

According to Ogrizekbusiness leaders are starting to acknowledge some of the market benefits and competitive advantages for companies who put into place a comprehensive CSR policy. Paperless View and update documents in real time on a tablet to reduce printing of meeting documents.

The product targets consumers who are budget-conscious, also categorised as low-end market. The product should be distributed through various channels such as retail outlets, Maxis authorized service agents and at Maxis centres.

As for the sales channel report, we would be able to identify the sales volume for each of the distribution channels. Users are only able to view the meetings and agenda to which they are invited.

Some genuinely enlightened companies ever guarantee that their involvement is in line with social demands and they will take this into consideration in their concern planning.

Though it is a lower-end market product, the additional features would certainly boost its image and become a selling point with its innovative appeal that especially draws in the younger customer group.

Versioning for errors and amendments in meeting papers. These websites could also be used to announce service enhancements and promotions.

Offline access on the move.

Maxis Communications Berhad - Assignment Example

Newer or upgraded competing network standards could make the existing GSM less effective. Digi could also step up its efforts. The agents could provide customer services such as payment facilities, information on the latest value-added services, responding to enquiries, etc.

Account management teams could be set up to market the product directly to the targeted customers. Maxis also intend to continue to explore additional sources of data revenue as the market and technology develops.

In view of the above, I would recommend that the price for the prepaid starter pack be set at RM 68, which is within the market price range although it is a bit on the higher scale. By the end ofthere were almost 5. Maxis could spread its influence through sponsorship of major events such as sports, musical programmes, premier movie and the technology segment on television.

View Contents that are allowed. Maxis intends to continue to refine its branding strategy to capture additional customers within target market segment. For example, in Maxis Communication Berhad, there are a lot of privileges that have been provided to the staff such as medical treatment, advantages in communication services, increment of salary and etc.

Maxis intend to continue to develop and offer innovative new products and services, specifically in the area of mobile data and intelligent network-based services such as virtual private networks which Maxis believes will help improve its operations margins. Bridging the digital spread: A second commercial scheduled can be booked during the peak hours, which is between 7pm and 10pm when most of the people watching TV programmes.

CSR is besides influenced by the moralss of the house or organisations. Corporate social responsibility CSR is defined as categories of economic, legal, ethical and discretionary activities of a business entity as adapted to contribute to the values and expectations of society.

It also provides a forum for users to comment on offerings so that future programmes could be developed to meet customer needs. This flexibility allows customers to select the most appropriate amount for top-up services.

Appendix 1 Apart from the demographical segmentation, the other likely target market ought to be the young and trendy 18 to year-olds. Maxis could appoint mobile phone dealers, fast moving consumer goods retailer, convenience stores and petrol kiosks for their services.

Technical and consumer training should also be offered to dealers and staff, especially to large retail outlets, where Maxis-authorised service agents could improve service and productivity.

Business Of Maxis Berhard Management

This can be conducted through tried and tested targeted incentives as Maxis continues to deliver better and more innovative services.In our opinion, the Maxis Berhad should implement the service delivery risk management (SDRM) to enable the Maxis having a better understanding on their client profitability, cost and revenue drivers, and exception management and governance process.

According to McElhaney, CSR is a business strategy that is integrated with core business objectives and core competencies of the firm, and from the outset is designed to create business value and positive social change and is embedded in day to day business culture and operations.

Maxis Communication Berhad is the son Company of Usaha Tegas Group Holding Berhad, majority stake of the company, 70%, owned by Malaysian tycoon Tatparanandam Ananda Krishnan (richest man in Malaysia) Maxis have possession of 40% market share of telecommunication industry which converts to 10 million of users out of 28 million of.

We will write a custom essay sample on Any topic Celcom and the Time dotcom. For the purpose of this assignment, I have chosen Maxis Communications Berhad (MAXIS) with the focus on Hotlink Mobile prepaid.

members of senior management staff from various departments, i.e. marketing, back office support system, finance risk management.

Business Of Maxis Berhard Management Essay add:/ Views: According to McElhaney, CSR is a business strategy that is integrated with core business objectives and core competencies of the firm, and from the outset is designed to create business value and positive social change and is embedded in day to day business.

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Business of maxis berhard management essay
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