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One of the richest Benin research paper that originated in Africa are some of the hand cast bronzes that came out of the kingdom of Benin.

Benin Research Paper

The inseparability of the authority from the people is also testified by the fact that the idea of reciprocal service exchanges as the basis of social relations dominated in the com-munity.

The kingdom participated in a lot of trade with Europe. However, the centuries of its rule did not result in the socio-political Like many peoples of the Guinea Belt, the people of Benin engaged in human sacrifice. Benin served as a nexus for trade goods from throughout the region, including textiles, beads, slaves, ivory, pepper, coffee, palm oil, woods, leather goods, horses, and salt.

Via Hausaland, Benin participated in trans-Saharan trade. Also found in the royal palace were eight wall- sized bronze plaques.

Art, innovation, and politics in eighteenth-century Benin. These became known as the Benin Bronzes. Costume and scarification in the Benin kingdom.

Historians debate whether the story of Oranmiyan represents dominance or conquest by the Yoruba people. The community was its socio-cultural focus. The obas of Benin claimed divine descent from Oranmiyan, and this pedigree was central to royal authority.

Whenever a king or a major figure died, a beautiful commemorative head was cast out of bronze in his honor. A century of expansion continued after Ewuare under Ozolua, Esigie, and Orhoghua. African Arts, 28 162— Journal of African History, 42, — The first visitors were impressed with what they saw and remarked on the hospitality of the people, the safety of the streets, and the high standard of living and cleanliness.

Benin emerged from the civil war stable and prosperous for most of the latter half of the eighteenth century. Once upon a kingdom: As you can see, the Beninian people were very gifted in this fine art and it is one of the richest parts of their culture.

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Benin research paper
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