Analyzing the weakness of the articles

As with books, the presence and quality of a bibliography at the end of the article may reflect the care with which the authors have prepared their work.

Is the material primary or secondary in nature? These could be seen in terms of your staff, products, customer loyalty, processes, or location.

There is an excessive amount of traffic coming from your Region.

Somewhere in between the ideas of Independence and Unity, there were a couple of features that needed to be dealt with.

Date of Publication When was the source published? Coverage Does the work update other sources, substantiate other materials you have read, or add new information? Is the language free of emotion-arousing words and bias? Learn every detail of their success to see if you can hone strengths to replicate this greatness.

Another good idea is to consider your weaknesses more carefully, and work out ways of addressing the problems, turning them around in order to create an opportunity.

It will also point you towards where your greatest opportunities lie, and highlight areas where changes need to be made to make the most of your business.

Assess feedback you have received from other areas as a method of input. This comparative analysis will then provide an evaluation that links external and internal forces to help your business prosper. Move weaknesses to strengths as you overcome obstacles.

Find close family members and friends whose opinion you respect and trust. Completing a SWOT analysis will enable you to pinpoint your core activities and identify what you do well, and why. Reading the article abstract and scanning the table of contents of a journal or magazine issue is also useful.

Respected authors are cited frequently by other scholars. For instance, read information on what makes a good spouse, strong worker or capable student. For example, the pressing issue of a supplier who continually lets you down could be turned into an opportunity by sourcing another supplier who is more reliable and who may even offer you a better deal.

Are the ideas and arguments advanced more or less in line with other works you have read on the same topic? Although the fact that the publisher is reputable does not necessarily guarantee quality, it does show that the publisher may have high regard for the source being published.

It is not always easy to separate fact from opinion. K21, shelved at the reference desk for a brief evaluative description. Choose both primary and secondary sources when you have the opportunity. It is very important to be totally honest and realistic.Analyzing Journal Articles & Essays.

Below are some questions to help you begin analyzing a journal article or essay. Your analysis may not contain comments on every question below. Instead, select a few questions as the basis of the ideas which will lead to a detailed and interesting analysis of an article or essay.

1. EXAMINE THE TITLE. Books, encyclopedia articles, and scholarly journal articles about Adenauer's role are considered secondary sources. In the sciences, journal articles and conference proceedings written by experimenters reporting the.

Analyzing Your Strengths and Weaknesses to Achieve Growth. / Posted in Articles, Strategy. To operate successfully in a changing market, companies should plan their objectives and strategies around their strengths and downplay their weaknesses. At FrogDog, we know that market analysis and strategy development are continual.

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Apr 19,  · SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) is a method of assessing a business, its resources, and its environment.

Doing an analysis of this type is a good way to better.

Analyzing the Weakness of the Articles of Confederation

Discuss the strength and weakness of the articles assumptions Identify the article’s audience Assess the value of the overall argument. Second method: Massey University, Auckland, STUDENT LEARNING CENTRE CRITIQUE OF AN ACADEMIC ARTICLE ‘A critique analyses, interprets and.

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Analyzing the weakness of the articles
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