A comparison of two great composers ludwig van beethoven and wolfgang amadeus mozart

Wikimedia Ludwig van Beethoven was born intherefore, he was 14 years younger than Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Mozart and Beethoven via Wikicommons Public Domain. Mozart, Beethoven — and the Symphony as Musical Genre One of the greatest achievements of Mozart and Beethoven was the development of the symphony into a distinct, sophisticated and almost dramatic art form.

Years later, while Mozart was facing a rough time after his return from Prague and was in dire need of money once again, Ludwig van Beethoven came to Vienna in Her dream was to come true. He created his music with no one in mind, and the sound of his music is marked by variations and changes.

His career was marked by three periods; the early period when his music was influenced by Mozart and Haydn, the middle period which was marked by the onset of his deafness, and the late period when he created music with depth.

At 12, Mozart composed an opera. Beethoven, on the other hand, was born in Germany in and is considered by many to an all time great genius. Create two charts -- one with each composers name on it -- and write facts students share about each composer. Beethoven made his appearance in Vienna as a youthful musician of promise in the spring ofbut was only able to remain there a short time; he was introduced to Mozart, and played to him at his request.

When students have completed their reading and note taking, provide time for them to share their notes with the entire class. Beethoven eventually abandoned Vestas Feuer in favor of Fidelio. His works were harder to play for those who are not technically skilled as it was written with the ruthlessness that marked his personality.

Moreover, Mozart already had a pupil living in his home, the nine-year-old Johann Nepomuk Hummel. Like Mozart, he composed music of different genres and with different instruments.

He died of a disease on December 5,at the age of He was one of the most popular classical and romantic composers of his time. Their importance is so much that even people who have not much understanding of western music have heard of the names Mozart and Beethoven at some point in their lives.

Mozart was a genius from his childhood and achieved the pinnacle of musical career quite early in his life. In particular, like Mozart, Beethoven early established a strong reputation as keyboard performer, was mentored by Joseph Haydnand was patronized by Countess Maria Wilhelmine Thun.

He held concerts and taught music to earn a living. In fact, whenever there is an analysis of the music compositions of the two maestros, it ends with a universal recognition that they are rare master pieces that cannot be compared with each other. The debate as to who between the two is greater has been an ongoing one for the last century or more though there has never been a clear-cut answer to this conundrum.

Born in Austria inW. And Mozart predicted that the world will get great pieces from this young composer. He was very gifted, though, and continued on composing and performing even after he became deaf. The download might take 30 seconds to complete. That is something each must decide for themselves after listening to the music of each.

Then have students use the charts and their own notes to write a paragraph, in which they share what they think are the two most interesting facts about each composer. While Bonn was politically and culturally affiliated to Vienna, [1] Vienna was geographically even more remote than Salzburg, lying around km distant on the opposite side of German-speaking Europe.

Difference Between Beethoven and Mozart

Mozart and Beethoven work sheet. There are various views as to what happened during the visit.Ludwig van Beethoven was born intherefore, he was 14 years younger than Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. During Mozart’s time as a child prodigy, the wife of a valet in Koblenz, Mrs. Van Beethoven, attended one of the concerts of Wolfgang and Nannerl.

Charles Rosen sees Mozart's C minor Piano Concerto, K.as a model for Beethoven's 3rd Piano Concerto in the same key, the Quintet for Piano and Winds, K.


for Beethoven's quintet for the same instruments, Op. 16, and the A major String Quartet, K.for Beethoven's A major String Quartet Op. 18 No.

5. A very important musical part of every middle-class home during the romantic period was the. piano. Ludwig van Beethoven Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Brahm's musical trademarks included.

In comparison to some earlier compositions, Brahm's musical output may be considered small. Beethoven compared to Mozart essaysBeethoven and Mozart: Two Great Composers Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig Van Beethoven are two of the most well know and respected composers of all time.

Over one hundred and fifty years after their lives their music is still studied, enjoyed and respected. Haydn was a close friend of another famous composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

He was also the teacher of Ludwig van Beethoven, the other famous composer that I am comparing and contrasting with Joseph. The Beethoven, Haydn and Mozart Connection Three Great Masters of the Classical Period. Share Flipboard Learn About the Life of Celebrated Composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Get to Know Ludwig van Beethoven with This Biography. Why Mozart Wasn't Buried in a Pauper's Grave.

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A comparison of two great composers ludwig van beethoven and wolfgang amadeus mozart
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