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Pressure ulcers develop primarily from pressure and 155260 essay are progressive in nature and most frequently found in bedridden, chair bound or immobile people. Several other health conditions that influence blood supply and capillary perfusion, such as type-2 diabetes, can make a person more vulnerable to pressure ulcers.

The present treatment options include various approaches of cleaning the wound, debridement, optimised dressings, role of antibiotics and reconstructive surgery.

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These are areas on which the body is frequently supported when in a position such as sitting or lying semi-recumbent which allows forward slide.

As a result, a bright pink transitory patch appears on the skin, often called blanching erythema because it blanches on pressure unlike the dull red non-blanching erythema that indicates tissue damage[ 15 ] [ Figure 1a ].

However, if these prompt actions prove insufficient to relieve ischaemia, the central nervous system is stimulated by constant signals of discomfort and pain to make sure that the pressure is relieved before any permanent damage occurs.

Skin weakened by pressure ischaemia may be more 155260 essay to friction, and the two will act together to hasten skin breakdown. Erythema subsides as soon as tissues are restored to their resting state. Particular focus has been placed on the current understandings and the newer modalities for the treatment of pressure ulcers.

Shear Shearing occludes flow more easily than compression for example, it is easier to cut off flow in a water hose by bending than by pinching itso shear can be considered to be even more significant than pressure in the causation of pressure ulcers.

Majority of the patients affected with pressure ulcers frequently develop it over a bony prominence.

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In the indirect sense, friction is necessary to generate the shearing forces. Abstract This article reviews the mechanism, symptoms, causes, severity, diagnosis, prevention and present recommendations for surgical as well as non-surgical management of pressure ulcers. On the sacrum and ischial tuberosity on the other hand, although there is a relatively thick covering of soft tissue and a wide supporting surface, the blood vessels are not adapted for weight-bearing, which means that even with fairly light compression, pressure ischaemia can develop rapidly.

Table 1 Open in a separate window Pressure As the living tissues are not static, the way they are distorted change over time. Find articles by Surajit Bhattacharya R. But when pressure increases even slightly above this capillary filling pressure, it causes microcirculatory occlusion and this in turn initiates a downward spiral toward ischaemia, tissue death and ulceration.

These protective movements are often reflexes as the person is unaware of making them.

Pressure ulcers: Current understanding and newer modalities of treatment

Patients with orthopaedic casts should be encouraged to report any discomfort and pain in order to prevent iatrogenic pressure ulcers. Mishra Find articles by R. Although the soles of the feet have a thin covering of soft tissue, they have a vasculature that is particularly well-adapted to withstand considerable distorting forces.

Friction Friction, along with pressure and shear, is also frequently cited as a cause of pressure ulcers. Besides occluding the blood flow, tissue distortion also obstructs lymphatic flow, which 155260 essay turn leads to accumulation of metabolic waste products, proteins and enzymes in the affected tissue.

Patients with a profound immobility but intact sensation rarely develop pressure ulcers when they can still communicate. This distortion of internal conjugation of soft tissues are significantly high in paraplegic patients[ 11 ] and particularly in these susceptible patients, If ischaemia persists for h, necrosis takes place and pressure ulcers can occur within h.

Hence, soles of feet do not develop pressure sores even after prolong weight bearing in ambulatory patients unless there are underlying causes making them insensate and more prone to pressure damage. 155260 essay available literature about severity of pressure ulcers, their classification and medical care protocols have been described in this paper.

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. The height of the available tissue cover over the bony prominence is not the only determining factor for developing pressure sores.

The newer treatment options such as negative pressure wound therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, cell therapy have been discussed, and the advantages and disadvantages of current and newer methods have also been described.

They can also occur when less pressure is applied over a longer period. Immobility Immobility is not a primary cause of pressure ulcers but in the presence of additional factors it can initiate them.

When constant pressure is maintained, soft tissues mould themselves to accommodate the external shape. Failure of reactive hyperaemia cycle It is a known fact that tissue distortion causes ischaemia that in turn stimulates protective movements to relieve pressure and circulatory activity to restore normal blood flow in the affected areas.

This is known as tissue creep. This too can compound the tissue damage. Reactive hyperaemia ensures a rapid restoration of oxygen and carbon dioxide balance; it also flushes out waste products.

Blood vessels within the distorted tissue are compressed, angulated or stretched out of their usual shape and blood is unable to pass through them. Age is also a factor that the majority approximately two-third of pressure ulcers occur in old age people years of age.Jun 21,  · This is todays developing india.

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